January 2018

January 2018
The Springs at Coal Creek Ranch


From the Pres…

Happy New Year to everyone! I’m looking forward to 2018 being a very good year for all of us. I just got back on the Board and am catching up on what’s happening in our community. Our previous Board, several of whom are still Board members this year, did an excellent job of keeping our community looking good and managing our finances such that no increase in dues was needed this year. I sincerely thank them for that. Well done! And, a huge thank you goes out to Dennis Maloney and Bob Perkins who retired from the Board after many years of dedicate service.

The property is looking very good. We have line items in our budget for continuing concrete replacement, as well as tree, landscaping and pond maintenance. We, again this year, have incentive funds set aside for your xeriscaping projects. Let us know if you are interested in conserving water by doing some xeriscaping on your property especially in hard to mow and hard to grow areas.

We continue to welcome volunteers for our committees, which are: Landscape Review, Pond, Welcome, and Architectural Review. Many hands make light and enjoyable work, and we would love to see more homeowners involved in the many aspects of the community. Please feel free to contact me, other Board members, or committee members to get active!

Committee chairs:
Landscape Review Kathryn Oakes
Ponds. Earl Hauserman
Welcome Barb Lamb SpringsWelcome@comcast.net

Architecture Review (ARC) Patricia Deitz

Thanks for helping us keep The Springs clean and beautiful! Be safe, stay warm and enjoy our mild winter!
Al Yates
Common reminders or just plain “ good to know”!


Friendly Reminder: For those of you using the online banking system to make your monthly association fee payments to the Springs HOA, the website requires an end date when creating the payment plan. If you used December 2017 as your end date, you will need to edit your ‘scheduled payments’ on https://onlinebanking.cab.payments.mutualofomahabank.com/Default.aspx or your payment for January 2018 will not be processed. Please contact Jacque@dcmhoa.com for assistance. 720/787-9800.

Trash and recycle pickup

We have attached a 2018 schedule from Western Disposal for your convenience. Please put your cans out the night before pick up after 5 pm and bring them back in as soon as possible after they have been emptied. In some areas whoever gets there first returns all the to neighbors’ garage fronts. It is kind of a quiet competition to see who can get to the cans first! Also please bag loose popcorn and other packing materials. It can really make a mess if the wind gets it! If you will make the effort to dispose of bits of trash you find on your property, especially after trash pickup when inevitably small amounts get blown clear of the truck and end up on the ground, the community will look much better for your efforts!

Keep communication open
Please make sure DCM (beth@DCMhoa.com) has your email address so you’re receiving email blasts. You will be “in the know” about events such as, snow removal, winter watering, irrigation work, pond cleanings, or tree maintenance.

Dog, dogs, and more dogs. Which means poop, poop, etc.

On the golf course green you are asked to repair your ball mark and one more. Perhaps we could apply that to dog poop in our neighborhood. We love our dogs! Four of the five Board members have dogs. Boulder County law requires that you pick up after your dog(s) and keep it/them leashed. Homeowners, if you see a dog running free and/or depositing feces on your property, please take a picture of the dog if you can. Code Enforcement officers from Louisville will take action if you identify the dog and owner. Or forward pictures to our Property Manager beth@dcmhoa.com and she will notify the Board. We’ll likely know someone who can identify the offending dog. Dog owners, please keep your pups on a leash and commit to keeping our association poop free, If you want to let them spend time off leash outdoors there is a dog park very close by where your pet can enjoy “free time.” Please remember that owning pets includes taking responsibility for them. Your neighbors all will appreciate it

Is it winter yet? Well sometimes. And we are definitely Dry Dry Dry!

All efforts on board!! Sun and Shade suggests with the lack of moisture, homeowners please water their trees and lawns this winter. Watering lawns will help prevent mites which are very hard to get rid of. Remember – we’re a “low maintenance” community, not a “no maintenance”. Thank you

We alternate snow removal between the east and west entrances each time, and remove snow only
when measured snowfall is at least 4” deep. Please keep vehicles out of areas needed by Sun & Shade
for equipment and piling the snow. These areas are easily identified, especially along Fairfield, as you
have no doubt seen Sun & Shade crews use these same HOA-board-designated areas each and every
time for the past 2 seasons. We all appreciate the cooperation that maintains our safe neighborhood.

Tree Pruning!
The arborists from Augustine Trees will soon be trimming our valuable trees. The winter trim priority is:
* to clear hazards for rooflines, driveways, sidewalks and visibility..
* structural pruning on specified trees to control size, disease, balance, and healthy growth.


Welcome to New Neighbors
Bev Snyder & Rolland Fearn – Diamond Cir

(waiting to hear from Jacque S)

It’s Been Wonderful to Have Known…

Sadly we learned two neighbors passed away Leonard Fedor from Springs Cove and Dee Zafiratos from
Fairfield Lane. Our sympathy goes out to their families. They will be missed.

Your 2018 Board Members:
Al Yates – President, 225 Springs Dr (ayates143@gmail.com) 720/635-3182
Peter Oakes – Vice-Pres, 219 Springs Dr (peter.oakes@cardinalhealth.com) 303-579-8255
Paula Rogers – Finance, 116 Springs Cove (paulacreeves19@gmail.com) 303/666-0044
Jacki Ballard – Co-Sec, 227 Springs Dr (jacki@gone2beach.net) 303/489-7240
Bette Hauserman –Co-Sec, 350 Fairfield Ln (bettehauserman@gmail.com)720/890-9191

Information regarding monthly Board meetings – please contact Beth @ DCM. 720/771-6027 for
date, time and location.

DCM Contact Information
(formerly Mock Prop Mgmt)

Beth Silverman (best contact) beth@dcmhoa.com. 720/771-6027

DCM Property Management 303-_______
DCM after hours emergency 303 _______
Website: http://www.springsatcoalcreekhomeowners.org

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