August 2018

The Springs at Coal Creek Ranch

the springs


  Roofing – Oh My!….

Boy oh Boy.  Wasn’t that a wicked hail storm!   Sadly, it looks like many homeowners will be replacing their roofs and/or skylights.  Please remember, an ARC request is required for all exterior work to be done on your home  (roof, gutters, windows, painting, etc).  Please  submit it to for approval  prior to start of the work.   If you’re selecting one of the pre-approved roofing brands and colors, your request will be expedited.  The others will go to the ARC committee for review.

ROOFER SIGNS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Some roofers have put signs in folks’ lawns even without a contract.  Unlike political signs, roofer signs are purely for advertising and our HOA documents do not allow them.  If you have a sign on your lawn please remove it.  We are a few months beyond the hail storm, and it is time to get rid of the signs. 


  Concrete Repair…

Reminder…. Due to the recent hail storm and resulting work that homeowners are undertaking on their homes, the Board has determined that a concrete project would present unnecessary disruption to homeowners and the reconstruction of your damaged homes takes priority over the concrete project this year.  The concrete work will be put out until next spring/summer and at that time the Board will be planning on replacing concrete from this year’s list as well as next year’s list.

Cars, Garage Doors, FOBs, Theft & Safety…


Although Louisville has one of the lowest crime rates for cities our size in Colorado, Louisville  police have alerted the community to take extra care when leaving your car.  In the first few days of July, there were more than 20 vehicle-related crimes.  It is worth reviewing the common-sense ways to prevent car thefts.

  • Always lock your car when you leave it unattended. Remember to roll up the windows.
  • Never leave a car running.
  • Don’t leave valuables visible in the car: cell phone, computer, and purse are easy targets.
  • When in our Springs neighborhood, put your car in the garage if at all possible.
  • Don’t leave the key in the car, even in your garage. This is especially pertinent regarding an ignition fob, as it is easy to forget.
  • There are reports that thieves can electronically steal the code from an ignition fob. To be extra diligent, police suggest that you can protect the code by placing the fob in a tin can in your house.
  • And of course, please keep your garage door closed. Bikes, tools, etc., are easy targets.


Let us all strive to make our neighborhood as safe as possible by following these easy precautions.

Also, I’m sure you’ve seen the news about people following UPS/FedEx drivers and stealing packages off porches.  Be aware and bring packages in as soon as possible.


   Cable, Wiring, Upgrades!…

The City of Louisville has franchise agreements with electrical (Xcel) and telecom (Comcast and Century Link) companies with the intended purpose of ensuring residents and businesses have access to important services. In return, these franchisees are currently working within the City to upgrade their services. Most notably in our area is Xcel installing additional power lines along Cherry Street, and Comcast installing fiber cables to connect to homes and businesses. The work should be completed in 1-2 weeks. If any issues arise on your property during this installation, please contact Comcast directly.


From the Landscape Committee….

Hello Homeowners!

The entire property looks lush, neat and very green thanks to good work by many hands, both vendors and homeowners. The temps have settled down, and the nights have cooled just enough; so we prudently reduced the grass-watering schedule back to 4 days a week on the sunny sides and slopes, and 3 days a week in the shady zones.  Watch the grass from now through August go from jewel green to mid-green, with tanned strands of seasonal grass variants mixed throughout for late summer textures.

The rocky common areas were treated for weeds last week, which will cause die-back with the warmth of the sun over the next week. Feel free to pluck the ones that bother you when you see significant wilting to the root.

Some seasonal grasses are filling into the thinner areas, and look a lot like crabgrass– those won’t die back.  They are just another part of our Colorado experience!

Enjoy a walk around the property: it’s beautiful here in The Springs!


Your address…

Take a few minutes and look at the address numbers on your home.  Are they easily seen on your home, as well as from the street?  Quickly for 1st responders?  Please double check.  Maybe they need replaced or moved to a better location where they are visible.  Thank you!



      Your 2018 Board Members:

Al Yates – President, 225 Springs Dr ( 720/635-3182

Peter Oakes – Vice-Pres, 219 Springs Dr ( 303/579-8255

Paula Reeves – Treasurer, 116 Springs Cove ( 303/666-0044

Jacki Ballard – Co-Sec, 227 Springs Dr ( 303/489-7240

Bette Hauserman –Co-Sec, 350 Fairfield Ln ( 720/890-9191

Information regarding monthly Board meetings date, time and location please contact Beth @ DCM.  720/787-9800.



DCM Property Management

DCM Contact Information  (formerly Mock Prop Mgmt)

Beth Silverman (best contact)   720/787-9800

DCM Property Management  720/787-9800

DCM after hours emergency   303/281-9945  (fires, flooding, property damage, etc.)


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